Sunday, 22 February 2009

Experimenting with some panorama

So I decided to mess around trying to do some panorama work, ended up staying up until the early hours messing around, but I'm fairly pleased with my first attempt. I'll be trying out some different variations very soon.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Future thoughts.

After receiving some feedback from my tutors I have decided, since I'm going to be using photography for the bulk of my image work, to book some time in the photography studios. This will allow me to work with some more adequate lighting in a controlled environment, thus giving me some more scope to play around.

I also need to find a model for the portrait shoots, who i quote "should be interesting" to photograph. Any takers? :P

Some off topic work

This is from another project I'm currently working on which is based around a book on maths puzzles and that kind of thing.

Trial Images

Kicking everything off.

Hello everyone, this is my first ever blog, so please be gentle with me :]

I have started this blog to coincide with one of my projects, and I hope it will be something that can add to, and help me focus on my work. Any advice and constructive criticism greatly appreciated.

So first off, a little information about the project. I will be using photography, as the basis to a series of images based around human emotion and feeling. I intend to manipulate and compose these images digitally, mainly to give me a lot of freedom to experiment, but also to improve my digital skills.

I have attempted a few trial images the last week or two on some snaps I took around my studio, just to try and work up some interesting working techniques. some are more successful than others: